Property Tax Consultants for the Texas Gulf Coast
Colleen Roberts
Senior Property Tax Consultant


Is it too late to protest?

In most cases, it is now too late to file a timely protest for 2023 values. However, if you have just received your notice of value for 2023, you may still have time. Otherwise, you are limited to filing for a late correction, which has stringent requirements.

When is the deadline to protest?

In most cases, the deadline to protest is May 15th of every year. In the case that May 15th is a weekend or holiday, the deadline is extended to the next business day.

How can you reduce my value?

Our experience in thousands of tax appeals gives us the best insights in how to reduce your appraised value. However, the basic research we do for commercial properties is to find helpful comparable sales, analyze the income and expenses of the property, and create an equity spreadsheet to compare your property value to similar properties. For residential properties, the process is much the same, although income analysis is usually not indicated. We understand the intricacies and complexities of the appraisal process and will use our knowledge and insight to aggressively challenge and resolve your tax assessment. Our goal is to obtain the lowest possible property tax assessment allowed by law.

Do I have to attend the hearings?

No, Roberts Tax Appeals will attend all appraisal district hearings on your behalf.

Is there a fee if you don't reduce my property value?

No. If you sign a contingent fee Agreement, you will not be billed unless we reduce your property taxes. No savings ... No cost to you however, please note we charge a flat yearly fee to appeal most Fort Bend residential property and also to prepare rendition forms.

How are fees billed for current and future years?

If we reduce your taxes, the fee is applicable for the protested year only. Your contract will remain in effect until you cancel it. We will continue protesting each year and send you a bill only if we reduce your property assessment for that year.

Can my taxes go up?

There is a chance, but it is very rare. Property taxes are raised only about once in every 10,000 property tax protest hearings, usually because of extenuating circumstances.

Will the Appraisal District send someone to inspect my property as a result of a protest?

No, the appraisal district does not visit properties because they have been protested. At the hearing, we can request that the appraisal district visit the property if we believe they have the size of the building substantially overstated. Otherwise, they do not have time to individually visit protested properties.

What about Business Personal Property?

Business Personal property is defined as tangible assets held or used for the production of income. Examples of the assets are furniture and fixtures, machinery and equipment, computers, and inventory. These asset are assessed property taxes and these assets by law must be reported yearly to the appraisal district in the form of a Rendition. The deadline to file renditions is April 15. Roberts Tax Appeal prepares and files renditions on a flat fee basis. Failing to file renditions in a timely matter results in financial penalties, allowing Roberts Tax Appeals to file your rendition makes sense.