Property Tax Consultants for the Texas Gulf Coast
Colleen Roberts
Senior Property Tax Consultant


Our mission is to keep your taxes as low as possible. We accomplish this by filing protests, attending valuation hearings, preparing and filing renditions, checking for any missing exemptions, examining the accuracy of the tax roll, and obtaining missing tax bills for clients. With over 17 years experience in Property Tax Consulting and Real Estate Appraisal, Roberts Tax Appeals can efficiently and effectively handle all your property tax needs - for commercial, residential, and personal property.

Real Estate Services

  • Timely filing all necessary appeals with the appropriate taxing authorities
  • Reviewing all pertinent information concerning your property, for example: appraisal district records, income and expense statements, cost documentation, comparable sales, etc.
  • Comparable market analysis of your property to ensure equitable taxation
  • Representing the client at all settlement negotiations
  • Settlement negotiation including informal meetings, appearances before Appraisal Review Boards, if appropriate
  • Collection of information from owner to prepare the most effective appeal
  • Annual review of clients' portfolio and annual tax assessments
  • Preparing and timely filing all tax exemption applications

Business Personal Property

The state tax code defines business personal property as tangible property used or held for the production of income. This includes inventory, business machinery and equipment, furniture and fixtures, computers, business vehicles, etc.

Business Personal Property Services

  • Preparation and filing of required annual renditions with the appraisal district
  • Determine if reclassification or special treatment of assets is needed
  • Collect information from owner in order to prepare renditions
  • Filing of all necessary appeals of value.
  • Checking for multiple taxation of assets.
  • Representing the owner at all settlement negotiations, including informal meetings and appearances before the Appraisal Review Board, if necessary.

Please contact our office at 713-703-6532 regarding fee schedule for Business Personal Property Services.